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Wavestar 300

Pulsed Solid State Shortwave Diathermy

Inflammation Reduction

Pain Relief

Wound Healing

Oedema & Haematoma Absorption

Peripheral Circulation Stimulation

Wavestar 300 is an advanced solid-state technology based Pulsed shortwave diathermy Equipment.

1. a-Thermic treatment in lower pulsed levels and deep heating in higher pulsed levels.
2. Easily deliver the desired amount of shortwave energy.
3. Portable lightweight (only 9 kgs) – can be carried even for home visits.
4. Average output power 150 watts.

Solid State Technology

Developed using advanced solid-state electronics. The machine produces pure 27.12 MHZ shortwave output. The highly power efficient and robust solid-state power electronics can produce ripple free pure wave form.

Conventional shortwave machines in the market use Radio frequency valves. Valve model shortwave besides being fragile and having non-repairable parts, the technology is obsolete.

Treatment with no net increase in TISSUE TEMPERATURE

Advantages of Pulsed Shortwave

The continuous build-up of heat is not desirable. Without control, if heat keeps on increasing it can lead to burns and blisters. Real challenge particularly in treating diabetic patients. Pulsing shortwave at different desired levels gives the comfort of warmth like waves and prevents a continuous build-up of heat. The latest advancement in shortwave therapy is PULSED MODE. WAVESTAR 300 produces pulsed shortwave. There is an element of tissue heating which occurs during the ‘on’ pulse, but this is dissipated during the prolonged ‘off’ phase.

Solid State Power

The highly power efficient and robust solid state power electronics can produce ripple free pure wave form.
Applicators Pad Electrodes

Flexible light weight pads of different sizes. Suitable for flat treatment area.
Wide Operating Voltage

Work on wide range of input voltage from 180-240 Volts and hence no need for voltage stabilizer.

Portable and light weight (only 9 kgs) – can be carried even for home visits.